Monday, May 11, 2009

Perry Sudan British

Here's my completed 20-man unit for TSATF.

I also took a few close-ups of the rankers and Officer/NCO:

...and here's a view of their backs, just for the heck of it:

I painted these quite some time ago, and they were quite easy to paint up. I've used Litko bases (25mm square), and pumice gel from my local craft supply store. A few sprinkles of small rocks and ballast and there you have it.

The uniforms have been painted with Vallejo Medium Blue, and then washed with GW's new-ish blue wash (Tellarn blue, I think?). I hilighted them with the base color + white.

Over the years, I've changed my way of painting; it used to be I primed white, and then did my own version of "stain painting" - anyone remember Duke Siegfried's handout about speed painting? In the years since, I've switched to black undercoating, with more of a 3-color method of base, wash, hilight, and additional hilights as I see fit.

Here's a photo of my in-progress Highlanders:

I hope you enjoy the (poor) photos as much as I enjoyed painting them!


legatus hedlius said...

Lovely! I'm still getting stressed about my Highlanders and all that tartan!

Anonymous said...

Love the tartan!


Vinnie said...


I am big on the Sudan and I think you have done a great job on these boys. I especially like the way you painted the grey.

DCAja said...

for sure i love it!