Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AWI Hessian Jagers

Work has been brutally busy lately, so I'm very late with this posting. Here are a few photos of these Perry miniatures.

I painted them earlier this year, and have based them individually with hope of using them with "Sharpe Practice" rules (once I get around to finishing off enough of my unpainted AWI collection to have the forces available!).

One thing I remember: At Historicon 2007 I picked up some Howard Hues paints, once of which was Jaeger green (I think). Anyway, the coverage was horrible! So I resorted to using some other brand. It's a shame because HH has some interesting colors in their range. If anyone else out there has had the same problem, let me know how you overcame it.

Perry Miniatures, painted early 2008.

Monday, November 3, 2008

British Light Infantry - The Revolution

..better known as "AWI", but I won't get into that here....

Being a fickle gamer, I first based my miniatures for British Grenadier. I diligently amassed my regiments, and was quite happy.

Then, along comes "Sharpe Practice", and all of my plans go to heck!! The level of gaming in SP better suits my vision for my revolutionary war games. So, back to the drawing board.

I am remounting all of my miniatures in single bases. Even if I want to go back to BG, I can just rank them up and move forward.

These are Foundry miniatures, and they're great fun to paint up. At some later point I'll post some photos of the 5th LI figures - once I get some command miniatures painted up.

I'm hoping to get all of my Foundry/Perry revolutionary stuff photographed and posted over the course of the next few months. But, knowing me, I'm sure I'll throw something else in the mix!

Foundry Miniatures, painted 2007/2008