Sunday, March 21, 2010

The GWOT: The Good Guys

I've been working on these for a while. The first is a photo of all of my completed western forces:

This force is comprised of US marines (3 fireteams), British Infantry (3 fireteams), 1 fireteam of Australian Special Forces, and one fireteam of US Special Forces (since they all dress in the same mixture of clothing, they can be any of the services forces, Delta, SEALs, of SF). All are from Liberation Miniatures.

Here are a few close ups:




I've painted and organised these for use with Ambush Alley, and they'll soon be seeing service in Afghanistan.

I found these incredibly easy to paint and base up - I'm using US nickels as bases as they have the "heft" I prefer.

In a near-future posting, I'll have some photos of the bad guys.


Donogh said...

Nice work on these guys. I like the look of the rubble on the bases.
Looking forward to the rest...

Phil said...

Very nice guys, greats work!