Monday, November 3, 2008

British Light Infantry - The Revolution

..better known as "AWI", but I won't get into that here....

Being a fickle gamer, I first based my miniatures for British Grenadier. I diligently amassed my regiments, and was quite happy.

Then, along comes "Sharpe Practice", and all of my plans go to heck!! The level of gaming in SP better suits my vision for my revolutionary war games. So, back to the drawing board.

I am remounting all of my miniatures in single bases. Even if I want to go back to BG, I can just rank them up and move forward.

These are Foundry miniatures, and they're great fun to paint up. At some later point I'll post some photos of the 5th LI figures - once I get some command miniatures painted up.

I'm hoping to get all of my Foundry/Perry revolutionary stuff photographed and posted over the course of the next few months. But, knowing me, I'm sure I'll throw something else in the mix!

Foundry Miniatures, painted 2007/2008


Anonymous said...

Lovely paint job-I have a bucket load of Foundry & Perry figures that I will eventually get round to! Tell me how you get on with the rules (I have BG only).


Anonymous said...

P.S. Just checked your profile...Jeff Lynne fan also!!! Wargames & ELO were my early teen years!!

Andy McMaster said...


Nice to see another blog with AWI content. I started mine a month or so ago and there is some great inspiration to be found in blog world.

Very nice figures.


WhiteDwarf said...

Hi this is Kyle,
Thanks for telling me about the historicon in PA earlier this year. I loved it!!!! Well let’s get on topic, the British light infantry are great!! The shading on pants is just amazing!
I am painting a war elephant from old glory and I am wondering if you had any good ideas on how to make a good skin tone /color for the elephant. I have been experimenting with colors and I can not get the right shade. Any suggestions?? Thanks and good luck with the blog.

Greg Sapara said...

Hi Kyle!!

Take a look here:

Unfortunately, he doesn't tell you how he painted the elephant, but at least the photos are inspirational!

My suggestion would be to paint the entire elephant in a dark gray, maybe with just a touch of brown in it. After that dries overnight, I'd drybrush with just the gray, and then drybrush again with gray+white.

I've never painted any elephants, so I hope my suggestion works out for you.

Also, I've contacted Scott (the gentleman who's blog I gave you the link to above) before, and he's a very helpful guy. You can always send him a quick email and ask how he did it.

Keep painting!